Effluent treatment and solid waste management

Effluent treatment and solid waste management

To provide services to pulp & paper industry in improving the environmental compliance and reducing environmental footprint. 

The division undertake sponsored/ consultancy projects in the area of :

  • ETP designing
  • ETP Performance Evaluation
  • ETP Adequacy Assessment
  • ETP Trouble Shooting
  • Fresh Water  Audit 
  • Hazardous Waste Audit
  • Water Balance & Material Balance
  • Feasibility Study of  Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Third party  Evaluation
  • Environmental monitoring Contract 
  • Setting up of ETP Laboratory Facilities
  • AOX Analyzer – for analysis of AOX/ EOX in effluent, sludge &  paper product samples
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer – for analysis  of lignin ,colour and metals in water , waste water & solid waste samples
  • Lab scale Membrane Filtration Unit – For ultarfiltration and nano filtration treatment studies
  • Lab scale ozone reactor
  • Lab Scale Water Treatment System - for lab scale simulation studies on optimisation of process parameters  for achieving optimal performance efficiency of ETP  
  • Micro COD Reactor – for bulk analysis of effluents for total & soluble COD 
  • Turbidity Meter –  for determination of turbidity &  colour in mill effluents
  • Conductivity Meter- for determination of suitability of effluents  for land application as well as soil quality
  • Mercury Analyser – determination of mercury  in effluent and solid waste samples
  • Oil & Grease Analyser : for estimation of oil & grease content in water & waste water
  • Ultrasonic open channel & close pipe Flow Meter – for water audit studies
  • Kjel – Plus Nitrogen Analyzer – for determination of nitrogen in effluent, soil  & solid waste samples
  • Zero Head Space Extractor (ZHE)- To generate leachates as per USEPA TCLP procedure  for determination  of toxicity
  • Bioassay  studies ( LC 50 Fish Toxicity study)
  • Bomb calorimeter – for determination of  calorific value of organic solid waste coal , furnace oil etc
  • Effluent Treatment Lab is NABL accreditated for water and waste water analysis  for  pH , TSS, TDS , COD , BOD & Color parameters 
  • Recognition by regulatory authorities, pulp , paper and allied  industries as a centre of expertise   in context of  environmental monitoring and addressing   environmental  issues  in Pulp & Paper Industry.
  • Providing technical support to regulatory authorities   in context of review of existing standards and  development of  new standards  as well as improving environmental status of Indian Pulp and Paper Industry.
  • Participated as a member of core group involving   IIT Kanpur , Roorkee and New Delhi  and CPCB  for preparation of Charter  for Water Recycling and Pollution Prevention in Pulp and paper Industry.    
  • Development of guidelines for reduction in water consumption, waste water discharge, increased reuse and recycling of back water and reducing over al impact on receiving stream  in mills located  in River Ganga basin. 
  • Successful implementation of CPCB charter on Water Recycling & Pollution Prevention in Pulp & Paper Industry of Ganga River Basin in Pulp & Paper Mill of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand.
  • Assisatnce to CPCB in monitoring of Grossly polluting Industries including Pulp & Paper , Chemical ,Textile and Slaughter Houses .
  • Review and revision of environmental discharge standards for Indian Pulp and Paper Industry.
  • Data base generation on pollution load generated and discharged, level of NCG emission, toxicity potential of ETP sludge, performance of ETP and Air pollution control equipments in Indian Paper Industry.
  • Assistance  to  Pulp & Paper Mills in gaga River Basin to achieve sustainability and environmental compliance through Implementation of Charter for Water Recycling & Pollution Prevention in Pulp & Paper Industries of Ganga River Basin
  • Techno-economic feasibility Study  for setting up Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) & Common Chemical Recovery Plant  ( CCRP) in Pulp and Paper Industries