Powers and duties of its officers and employees



• Full administration and financial powers of Head of the Organization, as per the Government rules, approved by Council of Association of CPPRI
• To formulate policies for the Institute after approval of Council of Association/Govt. of India
• Identify the areas of research for the Institute
• Coordinate with different technical and administrative committees as per the Government directions/instructions
• Control the overall administration of the Institute
• Interact with national and international agencies
• Control the functioning of the Institute as per Institute’s rules and regulations

Manager (Finance &Admn.)
• To control the financial and administration matters of the Institute
• To control the payment of purchases for the Institute
• To control the legal matters
• Signatory in financial payments
• Advising Director in administration

Administrative Officer
• To control the administration matters of the Institute
• To control the recruitment process of the Institute
• To control the legal matters
• Signatory in financial payments
• Advising Director in administration

Section Officer (Administration, Finance, Purchase):
• Execute and control the jobs of section
• Signatory in the relevant area
• Control the section as per Institute rule
• To assist in legal matters

Private Secretary/Personal Assistant:
• Assist Director/Senior Officers in preparation of official documents
• Managing official documents systematically
• Assist senior officers in meetings, etc.

Assistant/Jr. Assistant:
• Render assistance in all official matters under the Section Officer/Assistant
• Render assistance to Section Officer/Assistant/Scientists in documentation and relevant sectional works.

(ii) Powers and duties of other employees:


Controlling Officer/Scientist-G/F/E–II:
• Formulation of Research Programmes
• Monitor and Control the research activities
• Create and upgrade infrastructure facilities to improve research potential
• Liaison with outside agencies, departments and attend technical enquires related to his/her field.
• Assist Director in policy making for the Institute.
• Sanction travel plan of project staff working under his/her control
• To approve/disapprove the purchase indents raised by his division scientists
• Control the division activities

Scientist E - I:
• Execute the research programmes as formulated by Controlling Officer
• Preparation of Draft Research Report
• Maintain the laboratory/plant facilities in functional order.
• Conduct sponsored projects as per plan.
• Recommend the purchase of instrument
• Control the junior staff working in the division
• Forward leave application of staff working under his/her control

Scientist – C:
• Conduct laboratory experiments as per plan
• Calibration of instruments
• Compilation of experimental data
• Control the junior staff members

Scientist – B:
• Conduct the laboratory experiments
• Compilation of results and prepare 1st stage report.

Senior Scientific Assistant (SSA):
Experimental and analysis work related to concerned project under the guidance of Scientist B/Scientist C and project leader


Technical Officer E-I:
• Conduct Pilot Plant trials
• Preparation of report
• Finalize the Annual Maintenance Documents
• Recommend purchases related to division
• Control junior staff working under the division
• Control the maintenance of pilot plant, laboratory instruments.

Technical Officer-B:
• Mechanical maintenance of Laboratories, Pilot Plant/ Drawings and Design/Civil works of the Institute
• Electrical Maintenance of Laboratories, Pilot Plant, Colony, Maintenance of Laboratory equipments and Pilot Plant Instrumentation
• Maintenance of Computers, Printers Scanners and UPS /Internet Service of the Institute
• Uninterrupted utilities maintained through out the year, this includes supply of Water, Electricity, Compressed Air, Transport, and Air Conditioning.
• Maintenance of EPABX systems and Telephones.
• Maintenance of D.G. Sets

Technical Officer-A:
• Assist Senior staff members in execution of the jobs
• Prepare draft data sheet
• Maintain records

Library officer:
• Documentation of Institute research activities
• Arrange and procure national/international books/journals/proceedings
• Provide information to seeking agency regarding Institute’s technical publications.
• Control the functioning of Library & Documentation center by purchasing necessary requirement.
(iii)Rules/orders under which powers and duty are derived:
- As per Government of India rules enforced from time to time.
- As per Government of India rules enforced from time to time
(v) Work allocation:
- Work allocated by the Competent Authority from time to time as per requirement.