Technical Services

» Consultancy 
The institute renders consultancy on various issues like development, evaluation and adoption of new technologies which are efficient and environment friendly. The Institute provide Consultancy in the areas of :


  • Quality Improvement
  • Process Optimization
  • Environment Management
  • Energy Management
  • Troubleshooting 

» Technical Services Offered

  • Beside consultancy following technical services are offered to the Pulp & Paper Industry :
  • Analysis & Quality assessment of fibrous & non-fibrous raw materials for pulping & bleaching (CEH or ECF or TCF) optimisation & strength properties.
  • Paper & Paper Boards testing.
  • Evaluation of Black Liquor Properties 
  • Prefeasibility Studies
  • Basic engineering for green field mills & retrofitting. 
  • Air pollution monitoring, Effluent & solid waste analysis.
  • Enzymatic pulping, bleaching & deinking. 
  • Waste Paper processing

» Patents for Industries
Process for development of Lignosulphonates from Paper Mill Waste...
After an exhaustive R&D carried over a period of 2-3 years, CPPRI developed a process for manufacturing Lignosulphonates from waste lignin sludge of agro based small pulp & paper mills. The product thus developed have been found to be suitable for various commercial applications like – a) As additive for construction industry as retarder/water reducer in concrete admixtures. b) Improving the efficiency of chemical recovery system in wood/non-wood based mills by way of improved Rheological & Combustion behaviour of black liquor. c) Production of Lignin Phenol Formaldehyde Resins suitable as binder in plywood industry.
Terms & Conditions
The Transfer of Technology Know-how developed by CPPRI is ready for commercialization on following terms & conditions.
• The Entrepreneurs/Interested companies have to enter into a contract agreement with CPPRI.
• Non-exclusive rights to the interested companies for use of the technology know how commercially will be transferred by CPPRI.
• The Technology Transfer Fee of Rs. 1 Lacs+ Taxes as applicable has to be paid to CPPRI.
• The above technology transfer fee will be charged in two instalments as given below :
50% of the Fee at the time of signing the contract agreement between CPPRI & interested company and balance 50% after successful transfer of technology for manufacturing of the product.
• In addition to above, the interested company shall bear the following charges:
- Tour & Travel expenses of CPPRI scientists to visit mill/company or any other places for tours undertaken in connection with the technology transfer activity including meeting etc.
- Lodging & Boarding charges of CPPRI scientists - at site, transit or any other places & any other expenses relating to the above purpose
• Company will pay 2% of the basic sale value of the product to CPPRI, (Excluding Govt. levies on the product sale)
The interested companies may contact, Director CPPRI for further details.
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