Achievements of Biotechnology

  • Indigenous capability for production of enzymes like cellulase, xylanase and laccase developed
  • Process for production of bio- ethanol from lignocellulosic wastes like bagasse pith & wheat straw developed on bench scale.
  • Mixed enzyme bleaching of wood pulp developed on bench scale.
  • Xylanase pre-bleaching successfully demonstrated at Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd. Erode .15% beach chemical (chlorine & hypo) and 20-25% AOX reduction in bleach effluents achieved.
  • Enzymatic refining of cotton comber successfully demonstrated in Security Paper Mill, Hoshangabad. Energy reduction of 15-20% during refining and strength property improvement in terms of tensile and double fold 6-12% and 20-30% respectively was achieved
  • Plant trial on enzymatic refining of currency waste completed in Rama Shayma Paper Mill, Bareilly.
  • Enzymatic deinking of recycled fibre (ONP) using cellulase and xylanase demonstrated on laboratory scale. Reduction in fines 15.4%, improvement in drainability 8.9%, improvement in brightness 0.9 unit and reduction in PC number 35.7 % achieved
  • Bioremediation of paper mill effluent with indigenously developed microbial consortia demonstrated on pilot scale. Improvement in lignin removal 15-33 %, colour reduction 35-40 %, and AOX reduction by 20-30 % was achieved.
  • Project dissertation and summer training courses completed for more than 100 graduate and postgraduate students in the area of Microbiology & Biotechnology.