Industry Coordination & International Cooperation

In an extension to further strengthen CPPRI, an Industrial Coordination and Business Development Division has been operating at New Delhi to act as a single window interaction point.

Services offered:
Coordination cell for business promotion:

Coordination for Consultancy services for the paper industry, converter, machinery manufacturers or the traders/suppliers.
B2B Marketing and facilitation center for business-related issues.

Statistical Data Collection Cell:

Industrial Coordination and Marketing Division entrusted for the collection of updated statistics of Indian Paper Industry under the “Census Survey of Indian Paper Industry”.
 Under this activity updated figures for total no. of mills, production, installed capacity, import, export, new inception, the status of technology updation, different projections etc. are continuously updated.
In the year 2015 updated compendium of “Census Survey of India Paper Industry” published and available for the end users at Base office.

Quick response team:

We provide the services to the clients in the timesince receiving of the paper sample to final despatch of test reports.

Supporting cell:

Being a nodal office, Delhi office is offering administrative and budget & finance related support to DIPP (Govt. of India) and Head office of CPPRI.

A supportive platform for Govt. of India and other agencies

CPPRI Delhi Base office time to time provide support to the Govt. of India for making International & Domestic policy for the paper sector. Core role is being played, while compositing and drafting traffic related to import and export. Recently, major inputs provided for Indo-Asean comprehensive Economic partnership, RCEP Negotiation, Indo-Korean regional cooperation, etc.

Dissemination of Information:

Delhi base office is a single hub for supporting different Regional Workshops, interaction meets, National & International Corporation and Information network for Paper and Allied Industries.

Core Secretariat:

CPPRI Delhi base office is entrusted to look after working of Development council for pulp, paper and allied industries. (DCPPAI)

Publication & Projects:


  1. A Compendium Census Survey of Indian Paper industry
  2. Souvenir 2009

  3. Ongoing projects: Census Survey of Indian Paper Industry