Services Offered in Pulping & Bleaching

Raw Materials
  • Upgradation and Cleaning of fibrous and non fibrous raw materials
  • Storage and handling of raw materials
  • Proximate Chemical Analysis of fibrous raw materials
  • Prehydrolysis of different raw materials and optimization of conditions like time, temp and chemical dose
  • Optimization of chemical cooking conditions for different raw materials
  • Optimization of cooking chemicals for different grade of chemicals and high yield pulps
  • Influence of pulping additives in improving pulp yield and pulp quality etc
  • Mechanical pulping of different raw materials for production of high yield pulp
  • Bleaching of wood/non-wood pulps
  • Optimization of Bleaching chemical doses and bleaching conditions toachieve the targeted brightness.
  • High brightness bleaching of wood / non-wood pulps
  • ECF/TCF bleaching of different pulps
  • Reduction of AOX during bleaching of different pulps
  • Oxidative and reductive bleaching of different pulps
HRD Services
  • In houseand mill site training courses are being organized for mill personnel and students from different organizationin the area of raw material handling, raw material up-gradation, chemical analysis, pulping, bleaching, pulp analysis, fiber morphological studies and furnish analysis of pulp, paper and board.
  • M.Sc. Programme in “Cellulose and paper technology” students in areas of pulping and bleaching and washing of pulp for 3rd and 4th semesters in every year. This course is run jointly by CPPRI and FRI, Dehradun in which the 1st year of the programme is conducted at FRI and 2nd year at CPPRI.