Services Offered in Stock Preparation & Papermaking

Stock Preparation & Papermaking and Paper Recycling Division is well equipped with modern sophisticated instruments conforming to International Standards to conduct stock evaluation, wet end optimization, papermaking and quality evaluation work.

Stock Preparation & Papermaking
  • Quality improvement of paper. 
  • Optimization of papermaking operations.
  • Evaluation of pulps for papermaking potential.
  • Evaluation of Papermaking chemicals.
  • Evaluation of fillers.
  • Optimization of internal sizing and surface sizing chemicals.
  • Fibre Strength Evaluation using Zero Span Tensile Tester (ZSTS).
  • Pulp Evaluation.
  • Fibre Classification.
  • Water Retention Value (WRV) of Pulp.
  • Abrasion Testing of Fillers.
  • Filler Retention and Characterization.
  • Dry and Wet strength additives evaluation.
  • Wet end Optimization based on electrokinetic properties (Zeta Potential, Cationic Demand/ Anionic Demand/ Streaming Potential).
  • Training of mill Personnel / Scientists / Engineers in specified areas.
Paper Recycling
  • Unit Process Optimization for pulping, deinking and bleaching of Recycled fibre. 
  • Evaluation of deinking chemicals and Stickies control agent.
  • Cost effective deinking solution.
  • Quantification of Macro/ Micro/ Colloidal stickies in process line and water recirculation loop through stickies audit/profiling across the process line.
  • Bleaching and color stripping of RCF employing oxidative/reductive bleaching. 
  • Stickies balance across screens, cleaners and floatation cell to assess the removal efficiency .
  • Paper machine deposit control .
  • Provide technical know-how on enzymatic deinking and Neutral deinking. 
  • Evaluation of Fibre quality of Market RCF pulp/ moulded trays.
  • Recyclability potential of new grades of waste paper.
  • Enzymatic deinking, Mineral deinking & Neutral deinking of RCF stock.
  • Paper Machine deposit control through Total Organic Analysis (TOC) Technique.