Institute Membership

Institute launched the "Institute Membership of CPPRI" in the year 2000 to provide an interface between the Institute & the Paper Industry. The membership is offered to all Pulp & Paper Mills, Ancillary industries and chemical/machinery supplier and to individuals at a nominal annual fee that entitles the member mills to number of facilities/services offered by the Institute at free or concessional rates. The services offered to the member mills are constantly reviewed and updated by the Institute to meet the requirements of the member mills.

The Institute Membership of CPPRI is being offered to the following categories, as per the annual fee approved by the Council of Association.
  1. Small Pulp & Paper Mills in the range of below - Rs.5000/-
  2. Medium Size Pulp & Paper Mills in the range between 10,000 tpa to 30,000 tpa - Rs.7500/-
  3. Large Pulp & Paper Mills (Integrated) above - Rs.10,000/-
  4. Allied Industries of Pulp & Paper (Ancillary industries, chemical/machinery supplier) - Rs.5000/-
  5. Individual (Indian) Rs.3000/-
  6. Overseas pulp & paper mills US$ 500
  7. Individual (overseas) US$ 100

Kindly refer to the details of services offered to the Members. Duly filled-in Membership form (can be download, as per the category) along with the requsite fee (as indicated above) paid by either NEFT or Demand Draft (NEFT/Draft details are enclosed with membership forms). Payment details may be submitted via email or registered post to the following address:

Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Post Box No.174, Paper Mill Road SAHARANPUR-247001(INDIA)
Email: director[dot]cppri[at]gmail[dot]com/cpprilibrary[at]gmail[dot]com

For any clarification, please contact:

Smt. Anuradha V Janbade, Scientist-E-II & Incharge Library, Contact Number 0132 - 2714060 Ext 230, Mob: 9412650703, 9634086676, Email:-janbade[dot]anuradha[at]cppri[dot]res[dot]in
Smt. Sarita Sharma, Library officer–B (0132)-2714062, Ext (249,269), Email: cpprilibrary[at]gmail[dot]com

The benefits you can draw by availing Institute Membership of CPPRI
  1. The member will receive free of charge one copy each of the current issue of monthly current awareness list, quarterly news bulletin & other periodicals published by the Institute from time to time and of the Annual Report;
  2. The member shall receive free of charge such technical reports published by the Institute as the Council may determine from time to time.
  3. The member shall have access to the library of the Institute for purposes of reference without any fee and can have copies of printed articles at a subsidized rate of Rs.2/-(Rupees two only) per page against Rs.5/- for non-member.
  4. The member can get information on research and development in the field of pulp and paper both in the country and abroad free of charge.
  5. The member can propose subjects for research to be undertaken by the Institute.
  6. The member can attend symposia, seminars and conferences organised by the Institute at 50% discount on registration charges.
  7. Member shall have accessibility to pilot plant scale studies on priority basis as per the normal approved rates.
  8. The member Paper Mills will get priority in technical services/testing services offered by the Institute with a discount of 25% on the normal approved rates for tests/analysis other than paper & board upon mentioning of their member number assigned by the Institute.
  9. Priority will be given to member mills for visit of 'Trouble-shooting Team' of the Institute to attend to the day-to-day mill problems, as per approved fee.
  10. Institute will help in Transfer of Technology to member mills.
  11. The member will get discount to a maximum upto 20% depending upon the total cost of project for Energy & Environment Audit & sponsored projects.
  12. The member will get upto 50% discount on the publications of the Institute.
  13. The member can have access to all the results of 'Plan' projects completed by the Institute.

Further by mills/organization becoming member, they shall become closer to CPPRI, thereby getting help to solve their problems.