Our Achievements

Institute has made remarkable achievements during the last 18 years since its inception and some of the major activities and achievements of the Institute in Industrial Sector as well as in R&D sector are given below : 

Achievement in R&D / Industrial Sector
  • Creation of R&D infrastructure at national level for pulp & paper sector.
  • Research on non-conventional raw materials leading to increased use of non-wood raw material.
  • Energy & Water conservation particularly in small & medium size Pulp & Paper mills have been successfully implemented.
  • Diversification of Jute for production of newsprint grade paper, speciality paper and writing/printing paper have been achieved.
  • A Number of technologies have been developed, Demonstrated & Commercialized these include :
    • Desilication Of Black Liquor
    • Vapour Phase Pulping Of Straws
    • Improvement Of Newsprint Quality.
    • Fractionational Beating Of Fibres.
    • Utilisation Of Jute For Newsprint, Speciality Paper, Writing / Printing Paper.
    • Enzyme Bleaching Of Pulps.
    • High Qulaity Bleached Pulp From Decorticated Kenaf Bast.
Other Achievements
Training of Scientists
  • Scientists at CPPRI have been trained in developed countries such as USA , Canada, Japan, Netherland, Australia, Sweden etc. and today the institute is represented by a team of scientists experienced in respective fields.
Technical Services Rendered to Industry
  • Besides consultancy services, approximately 10,000 samples have been tested till date which included paper samples, black liquor samples and testing of non-fibrous materials.
Total no. of Projects Undertaken and Completed
  • Research Projects : 60
  • Sponsored projects : 200
UNDP Project Executed by CPPRI
  • 1979-89 : US/IND/206-Desilication of Bamboo Black Liquor.
  • 1979-86 : US/GLO/79/270- Setting up of fibre Fractionation Plant at NEPA Mills.
  • 1985-89 : UNDP/IND/85/048- Chemical Recovery Plant for small pulp & paper mills using non-woody raw materials.
  • 1989-93 : UNDP/UNIDO/GOI(CPPRI)/PROJECT/IND/89/114/01/99- Assistance to non-wood based pulp & paper industry covering the areas of :
Refining of Non-Wood Pulps
Overseas Contracts Undertaken by CPPRI
  • Studies on Desilication of Straw Black Liquor at Seka Afyon Pulp Mill,Turkey( Completed).
  • Studies on Desilication of Straw Black Liquor at Sinuiji Chemical Fibre Cpmplex,DPR Korea.
  • Technology Know-how and basic engineering for setting up of 5000 tpy pulp mill in Myanmar.
  • Desilication Trials Conducted at M/s Phoenix Pulp & Paper Public Co. Pvt. Ltd., Thailand.
Countries for Which Sponsored Projects Were Undertaken
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Turkey
  • North Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
International Co-operation in Technology Development
  • Denmark - Direct Alkali Recovery System.
  • Sweden - Desilication of Black Liquor.
  • Austria - Andritz Double Wire Washing System.
Patents, Publications & Technical reports
  • No. of Patents filed : 9.
  • No. of Patents awarded : 4.
  • No. of Patents commercialized : 2.
  • No. of Publications & Technical reports : 500.
  • No. of best Paper Awards : 9.
  • Water conservation.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Solid Waste Utilization.
  • Pollution Abatement.
Revenue Generation of The Institute
  • The earnings of the Institute has steadily increased from Rs. 30,000 in 1981 to Rs. 2.43 Crores in 2010-11. The major portion of the income comes from consultancy & technology transfer & sponsored projects.