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“No work is complete without paper work being done!” goes the age old saying  which indicate the important role the  paper plays  in our day to day life.  Infact the  percapita  consumption of paper  of a country  is a reflection of  its progress and development. Paper is a versatile material with many uses. Whilst the most common is for writing and printing, it is also widely used as a packaging material for a range of  products , in cleaning products and various industrial & construction process. 

Our day begins with morning news paper and  during the whole day almost all of us use paper  currency or paper products  a number of times , the general public lack awareness  as such about the paper making process ,the efforts involved and the environmental implications. Further in promoting its mission for cleaner  production , resource conservation , quality improvement,. CPPRI felt the need to create an awareness among  the  general public  specially the school & college students for judicious use of  paper and recycling of paper.

With  this perspective,  this museum has been set up to show case the history , growth and development of Indian paper industry over the years , paper making process , raw material used and use of paper in our daily life.


Paper Museum,  a first of its kind in India  was set up to commemorate  CPPRI’s  30th Foundation Day on 11th November 2009 .  The museum was  inaugurated  by  Mrs Renu Sharma, IAS , the then  Joint Secretary, DIPP, Ministry of Commerce &  Industry , Govt of India .

The museum  showcases the history of paper making,  different types of raw materials used for paper making, different grades of  paper  including  some special  grades like mica paper , currency paper , etc , different applications and use  of  paper  in daily life ,  art and craft  related to paper including paper machie and origami etc.

The museum also displays the various process involved  in paper making in simple and easy to understand way. Rare exhibits like bhojpatra , paper made from papyrus, manuscripts  made from hemp  fiber  and rare photographs of  various inventors, scientist and technologists  who contributed  in  the  developing the modern paper making process. The museum also houses  a photo gallery displaying rare photographs of ancient paper making  etc.

The museum has been visited by a number of school / college children ,  academicians, mill personnel , technocrats and bureaucrats etc  from India & abroad . The Museum has also featured in a documentary prepared by Rajya Sabha TV

The paper has a long history dating back to 3000 BC when Egyptians made a  writing material  from beaten strips  of marsh grass “Cyperous Papyrus” The word “paper” derives from the Greek term for  papyrus plants. The paper making process was further refined by T’sai Lun of China in 105 AD .The use of paper spread from China through the Islamic world, and entered  in Europe in the early 12th century. In India , In India, the first paper industry was developed in Kashmir, established by Sultan Zainul Abedin (Shahi Khan) of Kashmir in 1417-67 AD.( Ref : Tarikh –i Kashmir). Interestingly the word “ Kagaj & Kagaz”   comes from a Sanskrit word Kakri /Kagad which is equivalent to Chinese word tche  for paper.  The first mechanized paper mill was established  in 1812 at Sorampur,West Bengal......More such interesting facts  about  history of paper making are displayed  at CPPRI Paper Museum.  


The museum is in process of evolution.  Suggestions and contributions to add on to  the museum are always welcome. CPPRI requests the paper industry, associations, technology & equipment suppliers and general public to donate exhibits , models , paper products, photographs, old process equipments  of historical importance to  the  museum which shall be duly acknowleged . For any suggestion or contribution communication may be addressed to :


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