Organisation and Function

Particulars of organisation functions and duties :(i) Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, PB No. 174, Paper Mill Road, Himmat Nagar, Saharanpur-247001 (UP) India
(ii)Head: Director
(iii)Vision:Develop Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute (CPPRI) as centre of excellence to provide high quality Science & Technology (S&T) based services & solutions to make Indian Pulp & Paper Industry globally competitive.
Mission: Pursuit of cleaner production, resource conservation and quality excellence in Pulp & Paper Industry

(a) To promote research and scientific work connected with pulp & paper industry
(b) To establish and maintain laboratories, pilot plant and workshop for pulp & paper research and conducting experiments
(c) To publish periodicals on the activities having bearing on the industry
(d) To encourage discovery and acquire patents
(e) To assist research work of any Institute or society connected with pulp & paper industry

(iv)Function & Duties:
• To provide technical & consultancy service and carrying out quality research & scientific work dedicated to pulp & paper and allied industry
• To strive towards improving the overall technological & environmental status, global competitiveness and environmental sustainability of Indian Pulp & Paper Industry
• To disseminate information related to latest R&D technological developments in paper industry & impart training to mill personnel for upgradation of knowledge & skill in various aspects of paper making
• To assist statutory bodies in formulation of:-
- Quality Standards for Paper and paperboard with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
- Energy consumption norms for paper industry with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)
- Environmental Norms for paper industry with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB

(v) Organization chart:

(vi) Any other details- the genesis, inception, formation of the department and the HoDs from time to time as well as the committees/Commissions constituted from time to time have been dealt