R&D Projects

1. Raw Material and Product Development
  1. Storage and preservation of fibrous raw materials used in Indian pulp and paper industries.
  2. Printing Quality Evaluation- Assessment and Improvement for Indigenous Coated Papers.
  3. Optimization of Wet End Operation of Paper making to Improve the Quality of Paper.
2. Energy Conservation & Environmental Management
  1. Improving the Rheological & Combustion behavior of Non –Wood Black Liquor for Enhanced Energy & Chemical Recovery.
  2. Integrated Approach on Application of Bio technology in Pulp & Paper Industry.
  3. Integrated Approach for Improving the Environmental status of Pulp && Paper Industry.
3. Infrastructure and Developmental Activities
  1. Strengthening of training and HRD infrastructure in Pulp, Paper and allied industry.
  2. Infrastructure development fro Extension of library and documentation service to the Indian paper industry.