S. No Item Disclosure Details
1 Organisation and Function
1.1 Particulars of Organisation, Functions and Duties [Section 4(1)(b)(i)]
1.1.1 Name and Address of the Organization
1.1.2 Head of the organization
1.1.3 Vision, Mission and Key Objectives
1.1.4 Functions and Duties
1.1.5 Organization Chart
1.1.6 Any other details-the genesis, inception, formation of the department and the HoDs from time to time as well as the committees/ Commissions consulted from time to time have been dealt
1.2 Power and Duties of its Officers and Employees [Section 4(1) (b)(ii)]
1.2.1 Powers and Duties of Officers (administrative, financial and judicial)
1.2.2 Power and Duties of other Employees
1.2.3 Rules/ orders under which powers and duty are derived and
1.2.4 Exercised
1.2.5 Work allocation
1.3 Procedure followed in decision-making process [Section 4(1)(b)(iii)]
1.3.1 Process of decision making Identify key decision-making points
1.3.2 Final decision-making authority
1.3.3 Related provisions, acts, rules etc.
1.3.4 Time limit for taking decisions, if any
1.3.5 Channel of supervision and accountability
1.4 Norms for Discharge of Functions [Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]
1.4.1 Nature of functions/ services offered
1.4.2 Norms/ standards for functions/ service delivery
1.4.3 Process by which these services can be accessed
1.4.4 Time-limit for achieving the targets
1.4.5 Process of redressal of grievances
1.5 Rules, Regulations, Instructions Manual and Records for Discharging Functions [Section 4(1)(b)(v)]
1.5.1 Title and nature of the record/ manual /instruction
1.5.2 List of Rules, regulations, instructions manuals and records.
1.5.3 Acts/ Rules manuals etc.
1.5.4 Transfer Policy and Transfer Orders
1.6 Categories of Documents held by the Authority under its Control [Section 4(1)(b) (vi)]
1.6.1 Categories of documents
1.6.2 Custodian of documents / categories
1.7 Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of the Public Authority [Section 4(1)(b)(viii)]
1.7.1 Name of Boards, Council, Committee etc.
1.7.2 Composition
1.7.3 Dates from which constituted
1.8 Directory of Officers and Employees [Section 4(1) (b) (ix)]
1.8.1 Name and designation
1.8.2 Telephone, fax and email
1.9 Monthly Remuneration received by Officers and Employees including system of compensation [Section 4(1) (b) (x)]
1.9.1 List of employees with Gross monthly remuneration
1.9.2 System of compensation as provided in its regulations
1.10 Name, Designation and other particulars of Public Information Officers [Section 4(1) (b) (xvi)]
1.10.1 Name and designation of the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO) and Appellate Authority
1.10.2 Address, telephone numbers and email of each designated official
1.11 No. of employees against whom Disciplinary Action has been proposed / taken [Section 4(2)]
1.11.1 No. of employees against whom disciplinary action has been (i) Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings
1.11.2 (ii) Finalised for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings
1.12 Programmes to Advance Understanding of RTI [Section 26]
1.12.1 Educational Programmes
1.12.2 Efforts to encourage public authority to participate in these programmes
1.12.3 Training of CPIO/APIO
1.12.4 Update & publish guidelines on RTI by the Public Authorities concerned
1.13 Transfer Policy and Transfer Orders [F No. 1/6/2011- IR dt. 15.4.2013]
1.13.1 Transfer Policy and Transfer Orders [F No. 1/6/2011- IR Dt. 15.4.2013]