Technical Services


The institute renders consultancy on various issues like development, evaluation and adoption of new technologies which are efficient and environment friendly. The Institute provide Consultancy in the areas of :

  • Quality Improvement
  • Process Optimization
  • Environment Management
  • Energy Management
  • Troubleshooting 
Technical Services Offered
  • Beside consultancy following technical services are offered to the Pulp & Paper Industry :
  • Analysis & Quality assessment of fibrous & non-fibrous raw materials for pulping & bleaching (CEH or ECF or TCF) optimisation & strength properties.
  • Paper & Paper Boards testing.
  • Evaluation of Black Liquor Properties 
  • Prefeasibility Studies
  • Basic engineering for green field mills & retrofitting. 
  • Air pollution monitoring, Effluent & solid waste analysis.
  • Enzymatic pulping, bleaching & deinking. 
  • Waste Paper processing
Patents for Industries

Process for development of Lignosulphonates from Paper Mill Waste.


After an exhaustive R&D carried over a period of 2-3 years, CPPRI developed a process for manufacturing Lignosulphonates from waste lignin sludge of agro based small pulp & paper mills. The product thus developed have been found to be suitable for various commercial applications like –

  1. As additive for construction industry as retarder/water reducer in concrete admixtures.
  2. Improving the efficiency of chemical recovery system in wood/non-wood based mills by way of improved Rheological & Combustion behaviour of black liquor.
  3. Production of Lignin Phenol Formaldehyde Resins suitable as binder in plywood industry.
Terms & Conditions

The Transfer of Technology Know-how developed by CPPRI is ready for commercialization on following terms & conditions.

  • The Entrepreneurs/Interested companies have to enter into a contract agreement with CPPRI.
  • Non-exclusive rights to the interested companies for use of the technology know how commercially will be transferred by CPPRI.
  • The Technology Transfer Fee of Rs. 1 Lacs+ Taxes as applicable has to be paid to CPPRI.
  • The above technology transfer fee will be charged in two instalments as given below :
    • 50% of the Fee at the time of signing the contract agreement between CPPRI & interested company and balance 50% after successful transfer of technology for manufacturing of the product.
  • In addition to above, the interested company shall bear the following charges:
    • Tour & Travel expenses of CPPRI scientists to visit mill/company or any other places for tours undertaken in connection with the technology transfer activity including meeting etc.
    • Lodging & Boarding charges of CPPRI scientists - at site, transit or any other places & any other expenses relating to the above purpose.
  • Company will pay 2% of the basic sale value of the product to CPPRI, (Excluding Govt. levies on the product sale).

The interested companies may contact, Director CPPRI for further details.
Director Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute
Po. Box. 174, Star Paper Mill Road,
Himat Nagar, Saharanpur- 247 001
(UP), India 
(Phone) +91-132-2714050 (Direct)59/61/62 Ext. 201
Fax: +91-132-2714052
E-mail: director[at]cppri[dot]org[dot]in 

For further queries contact us at : director[at]cppri[dot]org[dot]in

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